For the Guys: How to Seduce a Woman

Have you ever looked at men who can get any girl they want and wondered, “how do they do it?” Yes, females are attracted to power and status. Yes, they are attracted to symmetrical features, strength and confidence. But we all know there are some unattractive, not-so-powerful guys who many women swoon over. Here are some of their secrets.


  • Manage your image. Before you can seduce a girl, you must have a good, positive image. Make friends and be charming with every one you come in contact with. Never hesitate to tell one person what you admire about another, as it will eventually reach that person and appear undoubtedly genuine. Never argue (arguing is anti-seduction). No girl can resist a guy whom everyone likes, unless she’s the type to rebel against popular opinion just because it’s popular opinion (in which case the remainder of the steps will probably wear her down).
  • Subtly reveal your sexual side. If you cannot insinuate, skip this step. When you talk about sex, say it in a way that Shakespeare would approve of. For example, “Sleep is my second favorite thing to do in bed” or “my neighbors are noisy during the day, but that’s okay because they put up with me at night.”
  • Do the opposite of what other guys do. If the girl is drop-dead gorgeous, ignore her. After hearing about your rakish reputation, she will wonder why you are not attracted to her. If other guys ignore her, shower her with the attention she has been craving.
  • Hint that other girls like you. Women hold each other’s opinions very highly and they get jealous easily.
  • Speak seductively. Never start a conversation focused on work, school, MySpace, family, TV shows, or other everyday things. Never talk about yourself. Talk about exotic vacation spots, mythology, sex (sometimes), history, astrology, dreams, fate, and anything else pleasurable and intangible. Don’t express any opinions except for your preference for pleasurable things and for things that she likes. Keep a powerful gaze while talking about these things. The eyes are very important.
  • Never apologize. And never worry when you talk with a girl. Iit will be written all over your face and interpreted as a sign of timidness, which, for most girls, is a turn-off.
  • Show strategic weakness (optional). This step is optional, but it will speed up the seduction. If you naturally come off as weak, skip this step. For more masculine guys, a flash of weakness and sensitivity will make you seem honest, romantic, harmless, and more akin to a girl’s idea of “the one.” All girls are frightened of guys on some level. The more feminine and skittish the girl is, the more necessary this step is. The key to performing this step correctly is to bend the truth. Don’t talk about breakups or events that you really are sensitive about. As with dancing, it is your job to lead. Don’t lead her into a depressing discussion topic. Add a masculine angle to feminine subjects. A good idea would be to say, “yeah, I watched The Notebook. I liked how he didn’t give up hope after he saw her with the other guy.”
  • Give her plenty of space. Neediness and smothering are unattractive qualities. There are bound to be things about you that she doesn’t like. Give her time to forget about those things and fantasize about the good things you have to offer.
  • Make her laugh. When a woman laughs, she feels more relaxed and lowers her defenses (and inhibitions).
  • Touch her. Reach for her hands, hair, shoulders, ankles, and back. Don’t just always wait for her to do it first. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll definitely let you know. But touching someone communicates to them that you find them attractive, and also that you’re reasonably confident. Both of these things can make someone feel more attracted to you.
  • Make her feel irresistible. Try it by telling her something seductive, starting with rejection of this desirable thing – ex. “Please don’t wear short skirt tonight, as I will not resist the temptation!” or something like that “Don’t touch me like that. I like it more than I should.” She’ll probably keep doing it (consider it a form of reverse psychology).
  • And that should be enough to get you well underway. Go forth and conquer!

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