Soooo busted

Character index:

* “me” is Kim, girlfriend of Pete. (Only it turns out “me” isn’t really Kim.)
* “drakkertr” is the screen name for some guy, Pete’s friend, who’s hitting on Pete’s girlfriend (or, uh, thinks he’s hitting on Pete’s girlfriend.)

Here’s our interpretation of what’s going down:

1. drakkertr (D), Pete’s friend, plans a serious sexy hook-up with Pete’s girlfriend, Kim.
2. Unfortunately for D, Pete’s girlfriend here was really Pete. Pete is a jealous, conspiratorial dude. D is BUSTED.
3. D: “Huh? Wuh?” Shock ensues.
4. Seconds pass. D gamely attempts a recovery. “Yo, dude, I was joking, dude, ha ha.” Almost pulls it off for a second. But ultimate smell test: it’s bullshit.
5. Pete spits on D’s bullshit. Not a happy friend. Indicates he plans to communicate his unhappiness to D ir a probably violent and physical way.
6. D understands, pisses his pants.

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