Top 10 Sex Tips for Men

1. Banging away all day without blowing your load doesn’t make you a sex ninja. It does, however, make her sore and uncomfortable.

2. Acrobatics are often disconcerting. Constantly switching up strategies and positions can make a woman’s level of sexual arousal nosedive.

3. Try porn, seriously. Watching sexy films with your lady will generally work to increase the likelihood of you having sex.

4. Don’t assume your sex partner is comfortable with her own body. A large survey conducted recently in Britain discovered that one woman in ten is so embarrassed about her body she turns the lights off before removing her clothes. Despite all the campaigns and media messages out there exhorting women to embrace their differences, it’s still the case that most women still spend time every day beating themselves up over their looks and weight. Nakedness increases that sort of sensitivity, so respect her insecurities and, if you think your partner looks great, tell her.

5. Sex shouldn’t be mechanical. Since men became aware that the key to female orgasm is clitoral stimulation many head straight for it. Don’t reduce her to a collection of body parts!

6. Lube shouldn’t be used as a substitute for excitement. Assuming your partner is capable of becoming naturally lubricated it’s best to wait until she is. Lube can add fun and slipperiness, but it shouldn’t be used as a short cut.

7. Women are slow cookers. In general they take longer to become aroused and derive more pleasure than men from kissing, cuddling, and general tenderness. Though fast-and-furious sex has its place, for women on the whole the longer sex takes, the better it feels. If arousal is allowed to build gradually, it will flood the whole body rather than being confined to the genital area.

8. Though clitoral orgasm is easier to achieve, most women want a penetrative (vaginal) orgasm. Intercourse is the ultimate connection between man and woman and the sensation of fullness it creates is intensely pleasurable.

9. Be polite and considerate. Don’t push your partner’s head towards your genitals. Don’t thrust into your partner’s mouth while she’s giving you a blowjob, and don’t hold the side of her head. Also, definitely warn her when you think you are going to ejaculate. With regard to orgasm, it’s best to operate under a ladies-first policy.

10. Take. Your. Socks. Off.

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