Greetings From The Big Apple

Hey CasualEncounters,

I just arrived in New York, and I’m about to meet up with a few friends here to start chasing some pussy. I’m staying here at the W in Times Square — right in the heart of all the action. I don’t think I could live here without going crazy — CA will always be home. But occasional visits to the City are awesome — albeit quite expensive. So I’m here for a few days, and my goal is at least two chicks. Chicks in NYC can be tough and aloof, but I’m confident that my skills are up to the challenge. Next stops are DC and Miami — this East Coast leg of my newfound life of leisure and pussy shall be quite enjoyable. On the Rebecca front — we’ve chatted briefly recently, but I didn’t tell her I was gonna be right in her backyard. I just said I had to do some travelling for business — and left it at that. If I can avoid Atlanta during my entire trip out here, then I can declare myself to be officially over her.

I had a long conversation the other night with a girl who I’ve been friends with forever (and a rare one I’ve never tried fucking). She is more like a sister — a really great girl. She was asking me why I don’t meet someone, settle down, blah blah blah. How to you convey and describe the desire to chase pussy to a girl? I didn’t try, but I think the best analogy is to shoes. No matter how much a chick likes a pair of shoes, she will be wanting to check out a new pair with days — if not hours. It is just an insatiable drive — they can have 1000 pairs, and they’ll still want another. That is how I (and I’m sure most guys reading this) feel about pussy. Males were not built nor designed for monogamy. That’s just a fact. Well enough pontificating and rationalizing my casual encounters — I’m ready to head out for the night. Hopefully I’ll have some salacious NYC details to share soon.


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