Back In San Fran

Hey Casualsexers,

I’m back in CA recharging after an amazing stop in Atlanta visiting Rebecca. I must admit that I am now conflicted. I really like this chick, but I am definitely not prepared to give up my carousing ways. Toward the end of the trip, I felt her trying to quantify what sort of relationship I’m looking for. I was open in the fact that I dated several girls (omitting the incriminating details of course), and that I wasn’t looking for a relationship — especially a long distance one. I think mainly this relates to the fact that she is a nice girl, and doesn’t want to think of herself as some random guy’s plaything. I can respect that, and — candidly — there is no way to really continue with her without it ending badly. However, whether I’ll have the willpower to stay away is another question altogether. We’ve talked and texted a few times since I’ve been back home, but I am doing my best to remain aloof and detached. We’ll see how that plays out, but it is time now to plan the next leg of my “pussy tour”.

So far, I’ve been able to snag chicks in LA, Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago and at the University of Nebraska. The trip to Atlanta to “double dip” with Rebecca (who I originally met in Phoenix) doesn’t count — I can only include Atlanta on my list of conquest cities if I do another chick from there (maybe Rebecca might be amenable to another girl joining us? — I hadn’t explored that angle with her yet.). So where to next? A good friend of mine is urging me to plan a trip to Brazil with him — he assures me that the pussy there flows as freely as oil from a busted Gulf well. I don’t doubt it, but that flight is so fucking long — I think I am going to stick domestic now. I’d like to check out a city which I’ve never been — that rules out almost all destinations on the West Coast. I’ll ponder it more — if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share them.


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