Turnabout Is Fair Play

So Rebecca actually did take me for the best hamburger of my life, and I thought I was out of luck considering she had agreed to let me tie her up and blindfold her if she was proven wrong. It pained me to have to admit she was right, and upon getting back to her place she indicated it was time to settle the bet. I was confused, because there was no agreement on what would happen if she was right, but when she started to motion for me to lie down on the bed I began to protest a bit. In actuality, I’ve never let a girl tie me up — in my mind I should be the one doing the tying. But she insisted saying fair is fair — and who was I to argue. In order to assuage me, she indicated that she would ask permission before any given act. She stripped me down to my boxers and tied my hands to the bedposts and used a scarf to blindfold me. In reality, she did a terrible job and I could still easily see her — and I could have “escaped” in around 6 seconds if I truly desired to. But, I decided to play along.

She began by asking for permission to kiss me — which I obviously granted. After several intense moments of kissing, she asked if she could take off her top and skirt — who was I to say no? I found her asking to be especially arousing. She was then kneeling next to me, running her hands up and down my chest and thighs. I almost came when she asked me — whispering shyly in my ear — if she could touch my penis. I heartily gave permission at which point I felt her warm hand sliding down underneath my boxers. She then proceeded to ask permission to take off her panties, and within seconds she was on top of me riding me like no other girl ever has. Truth be told — it was one of the most arousing sexual experiences of my life. The next day spent with Rebecca was just as exciting — I actually really like this girl. I hate to admit it, but this encounter has now transcended casualness — and I have no motivation to now plan the next stop on my pussy tour. However, I’m sure I’ll snap out of it soon.


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