Greetings From Buckhead

Hey CasualEncounters,

I was happy I decided to come here the minute I saw Rebecca standing there as I walked into the airport terminal. She looked terrific, and she appeared genuinely happy to see me — which was quite gratifying. The long wait for my bags didn’t bother me a bit — standing at baggage claim chatting with her made the time fly by. She brought me up to speed on what was happening in her life, and I gave her a (highly sanitized) recap of my recent travels. She obviously doesn’t know the true nature of my “tour”, and in actuality — besides my mom — she is the only female alive that I feel I have to hide my true nature from. It was late when I arrived, so we just headed straight to her place in Buckhead. Upon arriving there, I was quite impressed.

She has a really nice condo in Buckhead — the “trendy” area in Atlanta. Her place is actually a lot nicer than mine back in San Francisco. I wasn’t sure how to take it when she showed me into her second guest bedroom — obviously, I had assumed we’d share the same bed. She noticed my confused expression and explained to me that she wasn’t some chick I could just fly in and fuck at will — I’ll have to treat her like a nice girl and take her out on a proper date the following day before I’m welcome in her bedroom. I understood the point she was trying to make, and it actually made me like her even more. So I’m alone now in the guest bedroom — and the thought of her in bed down the hall is driving me crazy. Probably exactly what she desired. I’ll be sure to make up for lost time tomorrow. I’ll be back soon with all the juicy details.


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