Taking Off For Hotlanta

Hey everyone,

I’m writing this from the plane on my way to Atlanta. Rebecca is picking me up at the airport, and this will be a bit of a deviation from my usual modus operandi. All of my other stops have entailed a pursuit for meaningless and casual encounters, but this trip the pussy is already lined up. She’s excited to show me Atlanta, and hopefully she’s equally excited to get naked again with me. It probably is a mistake, but I’m going to stay at her place. This obviously precludes any ancillary action — but I’m only there for 3 days, so I’m sure she’ll keep me fully occupied. I’ve just promised myself this will be the last time I see her — but like the old saying goes.. the best laid plans of mice and men. I have a feeling that I will break this promise to myself. There is just something about her milky skin and beautiful red hair that really turns me on.

She is also a nice girl — which is far different than my usual conquests. During previous stops in Vegas, LA and Chicago I was with a nice number of sluts, nymphos and even a hooker. Rebecca most definitely does not fall into any of those categories. As I’ve indicated previously, for some reason defiling otherwise nice and innocent girls really turns me on. Well I’ll check back in after I get to Atlanta. God, would she kill me if she got any sniff of this blog.


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