Rebecca Beckons

So the Chicago leg of my pussy tour started off with a bang — but it ended with a fizzle. I had a great time, we caught a Bears game — but the remainder of my Chicago stay after my lucky first night was a strike out. I got one girl back to my “Fantastic Suite” at the W, but she had second thoughts before I could even get her bra off. So I came back here to San Fran for a bit to take care of some business and personal shit, and now I’m ready to go back on “tour” and need to decide on my next destination.

Lest my confidence and ego take a hit, I decided to make my next stop entail a sure thing. You might remember my encounter in Phoenix with a hot redhead named Rebecca a few weeks ago. She was attending a company meeting in Scottsdale, but she’s from Atlanta — which shall be my next stop. We’ve chatted a few times since I first met (conquered) her, and she’s excited for me to visit. The problem is that I really like this girl. All of my other conquests so far have been purely casual encounters — but she was different. I felt like I made a connection with her, and the sex was as good as it gets. However, a serious relationship is not in the cards for me at this point in my life — and my strong desire to chase pussy will inevitably trump any one given girl.

I do really like her, and don’t want to set her up to be hurt. It would probably be best if I enforced a “no double dipping” rule on myself, but I’ve already made plans and will be seeing her soon. I’ve only been to Atlanta once, and have heard great things about it — so between her sexy red pubes and that I’m looking forward to getting back on the road. I’ll update everyone after I get there.


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