Chop House, Transit & Trois – Part 3

Justin here, continuing the recap of my eventful first evening in Chicago. Parts one and two involved an incredible meal at the famed Chicago Chop House followed by a (brief) stop at Club Transit. I say brief because not too long after arriving, I was introduced to Melissa and Amanda — two spoiled, vacuous — but hot — party girls. Within relatively short order, we were all back at the “Fantastic Suite” (that is actually what the W calls the suite) I was staying in at the W Hotel. After shooting down a few small bottles from the mini-bar, the two of them soon ended up on the bed — and the show began. Most every straight red blooded male fantasizes about having threesomes — but the appeal behind this fantasy varies. Some guys like attention lavished upon them and to be serviced by multiple females. Others enjoy the challenge of satisfying two girls at once. However, for me at least, much of the appeal derives from watching two girls in action pleasing one another.

Amanda and Melissa did not disappoint me in this regard. I could tell they were truly into each other, and this added greatly to my enjoyment watching them. After a while, I decided it was time to join the party, and I undressed and approached the pair as Amanda was on all fours on top of Melissa grinding back and forth against her. Amanda looked up at me with a bit of surprised look when I stuck my finger into her pussy, but her surprise turned into a naughty smile — and she had my cock in her mouth within seconds. Melissa got up on her knees, and both were now in front of me passing back and forth my cock like it was a joint. I didn’t end up actually fucking either of them, but they did spend the night which included sessions in the nice Jacuzzi, the bed and the plush sofa. By the time the sun came up, I was drained both literally and figuratively. It was a Windy City night to remember.


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