Chop House, Transit & Trois – Part 2

Sorry for the delay, but I am now back for the second chapter describing my glorious first night in Chicago. As I relayed to everyone in my prior post, the evening started off on a truly carnivorous note at Chicago Chop House. We then transitioned to Transit (no pun intended) which is one of the hottest clubs in Chicago. My new trader friends had arranged for a large table in their VIP lounge, and the night started with a parade of farm-raised Midwestern sluts coming by our table. Steve and his buddies knew quite a few chicks there, and within relatively short order there were six of them enjoying bottle service with us at our table. One blond — Melissa — initially caught my eye, and before long I was out on the dance floor with her — and to my present surprise her friend Amanda soon joined us. I’ve been amply blessed in many arenas, but dancing is not one of them. Dancing with two hot chicks was drawing a bit too much attention for my liking, so I deftly guided them back to a quiet area in order to see if I had a shot at making this night extra special.

It quickly became apparent that both were somewhat bubbleheaded, spoiled party girls — but quite hot ones. Both are 21 and from North Shore suburbs, and they didn’t seem to do or have interest in much outside of shopping and partying. Melissa was a toned blond around 5′ 6, and Amanda a more voluptuous brunette at around 5’8 (with amazingly succulent tits). The idea of a threesome obviously quickly entered my head, and I was gauging the best way to approach this delicate subject without putting them off. I decided that this situation called for a direct route, so I proceeded to kiss Melissa — and then immediately turned my attention to Amanda. After kissing Amanda they looked at each other and proceeded to make-out — and I could tell it wasn’t their first time doing so. After only just over an hour or so in Transit, it became time to transit back to the W for what would prove to be the true highlight of the night.


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