I Love Nebraska

Wow. If you’ve never been to a Cornhusker football game, then it is hard to explain what it is like. If you have, then you know what I’m talking about. The game was definitely exciting, but this isn’t a football blog so I’ll skip to the good part. Actually, I was afraid for a while that there would be no good part, and that my undefeated record would come to an end in Nebraska. However, after initially striking out a few times I came upon Jaclyn. This was at a party on campus later on that evening which my friend brought me to. It was attended mainly by grad students, and Jaclyn was a 24 year old getting her masters in education. Cute brunette, around 5’7, really nice (natural) tits. She was from Omaha, and pretty much has lived her full 24 years within the confines of the State of Nebraska.

I impressed her with tales of my recent travels (without details about my trip’s true purpose of course), and the story of my entrepreneurial success. We actually ended up back at her apartment — it was fortuitous that her roommate was out for the evening. My room at the Marriott was ok, but not the love den that I enjoyed at the Phoenician, so I was glad to head back to her apartment. She started off a bit shy, but gradually let down her guard and ended up being quite a nice fuck. However, speaking of the Phoenician, I must admit I called Rebecca and we had a good chat. She’s back in Atlanta working hard — I told her I was working hard on the road, too (ha ha). Don’t worry, I’m not giving in to monogamy, but I wasn’t able to recapture my experience with her with Jaclyn. Rebecca has set a high bar. Off to Chicago next, we’ll see if Chicago girls can erase her from my mind.


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