Axis Radius Rocks

God, I love Scottsdale — more specifically, I love the Phoenician. If anyone from the Phoenician staff should run across these posts, I apologize for discussing your fine property within such a prurient context — and I also apologize to subsequent guests in my suite for a few stains. However, they’ll probably never see them, so ignorance is bliss. So I got into Phoenix this morning and met up with my buddy and we played 18 here at the Phoenician. Shot a 94, and was quite proud of myself considering how difficult this course was — but enough about golf. After a great steak at Mastro’s, we headed over to the VIP room at Axis Radius. Let me tell you, that place rocks. And, as with most places in America, if you’re a decent looking guy with a few bucks, then scoring there is akin to shooting proverbial fish in the barrel.

So just a few minutes after sitting down at our table at Axis Radius, I make eye contact with a really cute blond. I was about to approach her, but a bright color within my peripheral vision caught my attention. It was stunning red hair sitting on top of a beautiful girl with milky Victorian skin. Unlike the majority of the other chicks in the place, she wasn’t dressed slutty whatsoever. Actually, very restrained, and for some reason she didn’t look like she belonged here. Ordinarily, I don’t go for redheads — but something about her really did it for me. It was a tall task to stand out among all the other hot chicks at this club — and she really wasn’t trying which added to my attraction. Well, to make a long story short, I stayed at Axis Radius for all of 45 minutes — and am now back here at my suite at the Phoenician with sweet redhead Rebecca. I must go now and join her out on the balcony, but I promise to post all the lascivious details soon.


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