Where To Next?

Hi Casual Encounters Fans,

Justin here. So I’ve taken care of some personal and money shit (seems once you have money then problems inevitably come along with it) and am ready to depart San Fran and get back on my sex trail. L.A. and Vegas are behind me, and they served as excellent locales to kick off my “tour”. So I’ve been pondering my next stops, and I’m going to meet up with a buddy in Phoenix to play a bit of golf (and chase a bit of pussy). After that I’m not sure. I want to start heading towards Chicago for an Italian beef sandwich (I love those things) and some fine midwest-raised chicks (I love those too). However, I probably should make a stop or two in between, but I must admit that the majority of the US Midwest is a mystery to me. I’ve been to Chicago several times and love it there, but I have little travel experience outside of catching connecting flights in the rest of the Midwest.

I’ve heard Colorado Springs is really cool and was thinking about stopping there. I’ve also been told that any large Midwestern university is prime pickings on game Saturdays. So, i’m gonna research a bit further. First stop is definitely Scottsdale, and I’m going to stay at the Phoenician (yes, money is nice — before it would have been Motel 6). Hopefully my drives will be long and i’ll find some nice AZ girls who will help me add strokes to a game of a different sort. Any nice girls in the Phoenix area over the next few days who desire to have casual sex with me and never hear from me again — please let me know. OK, maybe you can have two nights if you’re truly special. And I promise i’ll give you a fake name if I write about you on here after our encounter.

I’ll update everyone from Scottsdale,


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