Vegas Recap

Hi everybody,

It’s Justin checking back in. I had to take a break from my “pussy tour” to take care of some business back at home, but I’m not ready to hit the road again. As I’d described previously here at Casual Encounters, I had quite a time in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The best part about the Vegas stop was that I won just over five grand in addition to bagging a high-priced hooker, a local UNLV party girl, a perky MILF-y type from Ohio who was attending her friend’s bachelorette party (before I snagged her out of the Wynn Encore lobby) and my Vegas finale was with a British sales type executive chick attending some convention there. She was quite classy which made defiling her even more gratifying. Somehow, I find undressing a women in a pristine business suit to be more alluring than peeling off skimpy and slutty clothes off a chick dressed like a stripper. But, that’s just me.

So I want to comment on something that happened since I last posted about my adventures on here. I think it is complete and absolute bullshit that Craigslist was extorted — yes, extorted — out of continuing their Adult Services section. Media finds a few incidences of abuse, makes huge stink and the politicians glom on to curry favor with their prude constituents. Are you going to close down phone service because some people abuse the phone? Some people are just so uncomfortable about sex that anything about it should be restricted or banned. Personally, I would have loved it if Craigslist had the balls to fight, but I guess they had no choice and did what they had to do in order to protect their brand. It still is censorship and it sucks.


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