Spitting Game – A Movie About the College Hook-Up Culture

The Spitting Game is a documentary seeking to expose the underside of today’s college hook-up culture. Amusing to students and shocking to parents — this movie delves into the motivations, rationale and desires which drives the current acceptance among those under 30 of the casual sex lifestyle. The film explores the risks and realities within the college hook up scene, and it contains interesting perspectives from some of America’s brightest — as well as most promiscuous — college students. Some memorable quotes include a college guy’s definition of a fun night out — “penis in vagina”, as well as a co-ed’s epiphany that anal sex is actually sex.

Spitting Game explores the relationship between alcohol and hooking up and illustrates, via interviews, how tightly these two elements are often intertwined. Alcohol provides males with the proverbial “liquid courage” while it simultaneously helps girls dispatch previously restraining inhibitions. Spitting Game was produced by award winning director Denice Ann Evans and it includes segments touching upon health education, gender issues, peer pressure and substance abuse. Two versions of this film now exist — one for students and another shorter 35 minute version released for educational purposes. Parents of college students who have the stomach to see what is really going on these days on campus are well served to watch this insightful documentary.

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