Selfish Sex = Better Sex?

Have you ever been with a selfish sex partner or been told you’re selfish in bed? It turns out that might be a compliment. A new study that focused on the sex habits of selfish lovers found that those who focus on getting what they want in bed have more fulfilling sex lives for both themselves and their partners.

University researchers in Vancouver studied the sex lives of 60 couples, half of whom were over 30 years of age and half under. Whenever there was a large drop in the satisfaction a person felt for themselves, there was a corresponding drop in the satisfaction their partners got.

The study’s conductors were caught by surprise, but discovered that those who were self-centered in bed were much more engaged and enthusiastic about sex, which translated to pleasurable benefits for the partners.

The other side of the coin is that couples who were more motivated by a desire to please their partners were more prone to have their sex lives turn into something of a routine or a chore. Another interesting result was that younger couples tended to have sex more selfishly, while older couples reported a desire to show affection to the partner as a sexual motivator. Guess who had the hotter sex life?

While this news might give some of you selfish types license to “get yours” guilt-free, the truth is that you are less capable of being good in bed if you are not satisfied and engaged. It is not a reason to poo-poo your partner’s needs, but remember the importance of maintaining your energy and motivation.

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