The World’s Best Sex Museums

Though you would not normally think of sex and museums together, it can be pretty fun to nerd out on everyone’s favorite activity. It does not make a bad date spot either. You might get inspired to try some new things, and some extreme exhibits can challenge you to push your sexual boundaries. The last couple of decades have seen these museums popping up all over, so we decided to run through some of the best.

North America

Museum of Sex, New York.
Smack in the middle of Fifth Avenue, this place features a rotation of exhibits and some rare, vintage videos.
Hollywood Erotic Museum.
Though it is currently closed, you know this had to have some good stuff being located in the porn capital of the world.
Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas.
Sin City is the perfect place to get in the mood before you hit the town or visit brothels.


Venus Temple, Amsterdam.
The oldest active sex museum, this one is located at ground zero right in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District.
Russian Sex Museum, Saint Petersburg.
Legend has it that they have the preserved penis of Rasputin.
Sex Machines Museum, Prague.
Featuring over 200 gadgets and machines designed for sex, you get a good look at how far we go for sexual pleasure.


China Sex Museum, Shanghai.
Having been open for over 10 years, this museum holds more than 3000 sexual artifacts.
Love Land Park, South Korea.
A theme park dedicated to sex. Enough said.
Hihokan Museums, Japan.
Dotted all over the country, these “Houses of Hidden Treasures” offer a sexual foray in vacation spots such as resorts and hot springs.

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