Yobai – Japanese “Night Crawling”

Leave it to the Japanese to make a tradition out of creepy sex. The practice of Yobai, or “night crawling” was one which involved a young guy sneaking into the house of a gal he coveted and slipping into her bed undetected while she slept. He would then slide behind her and let her know of his desires. If she agreed, they would do the deed and he would sneak out as quietly as he snuck in. For many men, this was how they had their first sexual experiences.

It was an entrenched part of the culture and often had the blessing of the girl’s parents the beginning of a marriage. The parents would know of the intrusion in advance and look away while it went on for a couple of nights, then would bust the couple in the act, after which point a public romance would begin.

Guys who took it to the extreme would get butt naked before sneaking into the house. It was such a known part of society that in some parts it was illegal to attack a naked intruder because it was clear he was there for Yobai and not to rob the house. Those who wanted to do all they could not to make noise would piss on the doors of the house to prevent them from squeaking.

There is still a fondness for Yobai to this day, though it is not really practiced anymore. It is common for hookers to get requests to pretend to be asleep so their customers can sneak into bed with them and do a mock Yobai scenario. Say what you will about Yobai, but it certainly does cut right to the chase.

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