Craigslist Sex Business Booming

Everyone’s favorite classified site is expected to hit 3 times its projected revenue this year, in no small part due to its popular sex classifieds. According to the New York Times, the ‘list will see a 22% growth in revenue as more people complain about its sex classifieds sections.

Casual encounters are all well and good, but it seems that sex traffickers and hookers are abusing the system and bringing an unsavory element into the fold. Recently, the FBI busted 14 mobsters from the Gambino family who were selling sex from 15 to 19 year old girls. A new study from Georgia advocacy group A Future Not A Past estimates that a john, or a guy looking to buy sex, is 3 times more likely to go to Craigslist than anywhere else on the web. That is a damn good monopoly.

Backlash against the site’s founders for all the illegal activity that takes place threatens the entire community and the genuine, wholesome, casual encounters ads we all know and love. Attorney generals have tried to stop it, but most legal types agree the site should not be liable. Craigslist even started charities with the money they make from the ads. Sure, there are a few bad apples that get into the mix, but the positives of Craigslist as a whole far outweigh the negatives. Hell, the positives of the sex ads alone outweigh the negatives that sneak in there. Agree?

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