Study: Casual Sex Not Psychologically Damaging

Start the celebrations. As it turns out, sleeping around is not bad for you mentally. A University of Minnesota study by Dr. Marla Eisenberg looked at the mental wellness of 1300 sexually active adults. Compared to those in monogamous relationships, adults participating in casual sex showed no difference in their psychological health. Keep in mind that this study was done in regards to psychological health only, so common sense still applies when it comes to STDs. Yes, that means you out there, slugger.

Of the 1300 surveyed in the study, 80% were having sex in the context of a relationship, while the other 20% were getting it on casually. This implies that there might not be as much casual sex going on as it sometimes seems there is. However, other studies have shown only 20% saying they had not had casual sex in college. It seems contradictory, but the story told seems to be that everyone hooks up at some point or another but more frequent in the average sex life is relationship sex.

What do you think? Do these percentages seem high or low to you? And do you agree that casual sex does not cause psychological harm, based on your experience? I would be willing to bet there are a bunch of people who say otherwise. Let us know down below.

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