New Orleans – The Penis Size Capital of America

With all the bad news for New Orleans recently (Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Oil Spill), it was starting to feel like the town was cursed. However, thanks to the Saints winning the Super Bowl and this new survey, there is some good news at last for the Big Easy. Condomania, an online condom store that sells custom sized condoms, used their sales data for these condoms to compile the world’s largest penis size database.

While this is far from a scientific study, they do make a good point in saying that condom buyers are more likely to look for a good fit than to exaggerate as they would in a straightforward penis measuring survey. That might lead to some more accuracy, but there is the issue of repeat customers messing up the data and not knowing exactly who all the customers are.

Nevertheless, New Orleans was the largest city by this measure, while New Hampshire was the largest state. Dallas was the smallest city, and Wyoming was the smallest state. Interestingly, blue states out-sized red states and the overall range was from under 3” to over 10”. The data formed a perfect bell curve, with 25% under 5”, 50% 5-6” and 25% longer than 6”. In light of these findings, do not be surprised to see a rise in the female populations of New Orleans and New Hampshire in the near future.

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