Sexual Sign Language

Somehow I think this is funnier for those of us who do not understand French. It is more fun to let your imagination fill in the blanks as to what kind of story she wants to tell with the sign language. The mind can go anywhere with the wild oral gestures leading straight into some good old fashioned nipple pinching. The girl doing the signing is quite talented and seems passionate about the message she is communicating. Is it wrong to be attracted to her? No? Good.

The world of sexual sign language is counter-intuitive to those of us that have been making immature sex gestures for years. The sign for “intercourse” is not what you would expect as the index finger penetrating a hole made by the other hand. It is actually both hands making a V as you would a peace sign and then facing those to each other parallel to the floor, representing the legs of 2 people on top of one another. And the sign for “vagina” has nothing to do with the game you and your friends play by interlocking fingers. It is simply touching the index fingers and thumbs together to form a diamond shape and holding this downward in front of the waist. That makes sense, but “penis” is holding up 2 fingers to the face and touching the nose. What? I think I’ll stick to my 3rd grade sex signs for now.

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One Response to “Sexual Sign Language”

  1. ali
    September 17, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    I’m pretty sure her actions have nothing to do with the dialogue in the video. … which makes it even better, if you ask me. The French voice-over was less than exciting, meanwhile, I’d LOVE to get involved in whatever she’s discussing.

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