Vegas Baby!

Hey everyone — Justin here again reporting back in. Just got into Vegas after a few days in LA. Just like LA, Vegas is a whole lot different when you have a few bucks in your pocket. I was never a big gambler, but I figured I’d give a craps table here at the Palms a shot before I asked for a comp’d room. I was by a buddy of mine who knows about these things to gamble a bit before requesting a room and I’d have a better chance of scoring a rockin’ suite. So I walked up to the table with $2500 — and after just a few exceedingly lucky runs I was up $6500. I decided this was my queue to walk away when I was ahead and focus on my core mission — chasing pussy. First chore was to hopefully score a cool suite, and I headed off to find a casino host to hook me up. I had only taken a few steps when a cute brunette approached me asking me how I was doing.

Now I’m an OK looking guy, and this is Vegas and all — but this seemed just too easy. My suspicions were proven correct when she indicated that she’d make my afternoon really fun for the bargain price of just $1500. Now, I’m not above paying for it — sluts, whores… what’s the difference? Besides, you are actually paying for her to leave quickly afterwards as opposed to for the act itself. That being said, $1500 was quite a hefty sum for only a few hours — even though I viewed it as part of the Palm’s money I just took from them on the craps table. I employed my best negotiating skills, and soon we reached agreement at $900. I asked her to come with me while I got a comp’d suite from a casino host, and she looked at me a bit funny.

I soon realized why when it became apparent the (female) casino host knew full well exactly what my companion was. However, she only gave me one disapproving look while she efficiently hooked me up with a nice suite for the night. My paid conquest we’ll call Jessica (that is actually the name she gave me, but surely fake so i’ll feel free to use it on here) was 21 and from Phoenix. She insisted that she wasn’t a hooker per se — just a girl who comes to Vegas with some friends in search of some easy extra spending money. The official term I was told is “weekend warrior”. Whatever her title, I was eager to fuck her — and it was actually quite nice. Better than either of my first two chicks in LA. Afterwards, I talked her into letting me snap a pic as she finished showering — so long as I didn’t show her face. I told her my fans insisted. Gonna be here for 3 days — surely many more conquests to come during this leg of my trip.


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