First Stop – LA

Hey, Justin here again. Arrived yesterday at my first Justin World Pussy Tour stop of Los Angeles, and trust me — this city is much better once you have money. Staying at the Mondrian and hanging with my buddies Larry and Phil who are more than happy to pick up my leftovers — just kidding guys. Last night we were at Sky Bar, and I don’t think I have ever seen a larger selection of hot chicks in one place. I am falling easily into my new role as young wealthy entreprenuer (even though i’m still fucking clueless as to how I actually made my own money), and girls eat it up. We started out chatting up a nice group of MAW’s (Model/Actress/Whatever), and I became fixated on a hot brunette we’ll call Amy (I won’t be using real names of girls on here — that would be uncouth). Amy was among the legions of aspiring Snooki’s, but she had a bit higher of an IQ. After regaling her with stories of my investing prowess (ha ha), she was more than eager to accompany me down to my suite.

Amy had the honor (or dishonor as the case may be) to be my first conquest within the Pussy Tour — and she performed consummate to this coveted designation as the first fuck on my adventure. She was 22, brunette and built for speed. I’m not positive, but I actually think her tits were real — which is quite a novelty around these parts. In reality, I was quite affectionate with her and felt bad when it came time to blow her off — but it had to be done. I made up some shit about one of my friends back at Sky Bar being about to be deployed to Afghanistan, and I dutifully entered her number into my phone (quickly deleted thereafter). It was only midnight — plenty of time left during night #1 for a second target. I didn’t want to go back up to Sky Bar for fear of running back into Amy, so I texted Phil (Larry had already departed with some skank back to his place in Huntington Beach) and we went off in search of new pastures.

After pulling out of the Mondrian in my rented Ferrari 360 (shout out to the guys at, we pulled up at the first red light next to two babes who were immediately attracted to our perceived wealth (in reality Phil doesn’t have a proverbial pot to piss in). Having already had a brunette that evening, I selected the blonde of the two (who was Phil to argue), and I graciously got Phil his own room so he didn’t have to take his chick back to his crappy apartment. We’ll call conquest #2 Cindy — and she is now curled up naked under the 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets in my bed as I sit and have my morning coffee writing this post. I figure I’ll be a nice guy and let her blow me one more time before she gets blown off.

Stay tuned for further adventures — next stop is, of course, Vegas!


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