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Hey everyone,

My name is Justin, and I’ve agreed to take over posting here at Casual Encounters. Let me start by sharing a bit of my story. I’m 27 and grew up here in the San Francisco (East Bay) area. I did so-so in high school and ended up dropping out of college during my sophomore year (a bit too drinking and carousing). I got a job as a server at a national family dining restaurant chain (surely you’ve eaten at one, but I won’t disclose which) and worked hard resulting in a promotion to manager last year. This area is quite expensive, and my $50,000 a year earnings hardly allowed me to live in the lap of luxury. However, I was getting by and was able to set aside just over $12,000 in savings — which was quite a difficult task. I’m ordinarily not very good with money — all i know how to do is spend it — so I just let my money sit in a savings account earning almost nothing in the form of interest.

Around 6 months ago, one of my best buddies from college (the little time I was there) approached me about a company he wanted to start. He was always a major software geek, and candidly, I still don’t understand anything about what he does. However, I did trust him and had confidence in his ability — so I said what the fuck and invested $10,000 with him figuring I wasn’t earning anything on it sitting in my savings account. To make a long story short, my buddy landed a major client and suddenly all sorts of large investors were interested in his company. I was shocked when one of these investors offered me over two million dollars for my shares, and even though my buddy told me I was getting screwed at that price — I jumped on it. Yes, I’m still pinching myself.

This was several weeks ago, and my first thought was to invest it for retirement and continue working hard at my job. That thought quickly evaporated, and after only two days of work after coming into this money I said fuck it and quit. I’ve decided to take a year off and do what I do best — party and chase pussy. You’re only young once, right? So I’ve agreed to share my exploits on Casual Encounters in order to create a record of my travels for posterity. Women of the world — look out — Justin is coming.

Catch everyone again soon,


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