Partying At the Versace Mansion

South Beach in Miami is one of the premiere adult playgrounds in the world, and within South Beach the Versace Mansion serves as a focal point where debauchery meets fashion. This property was originally named Casa Casuarina, and it was the home of famed designer Gianni Versace up until the day of his death — on which he was tragically shot within feet of the mansion’s front gate. Subsequent to his killing, the mansion was converted into a private club and provides for a venue for some of South Beach’s most hedonistic events. The above video encapsulates just a taste of the action happening at this hotspot on a nightly basis.

Guys looking to hook up with some of the hottest women on the planet flock to South Beach, and in addition to the Versace Mansion, there are quite a few spots to see and be seen. At B.E.D. restaurant, diners are provided with their own (curtained and private) bed allowing for a mix of dining and playing, and Tantra mixes aphrodisiac-laden food with exotic belly dancers. Recently, the CEO of a large German pharmaceutical company sued the South Beach hotel he was staying at complaining that partiers had entered his room and started an orgy without his permission — a service one would think a hotel would charge extra for.

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