New Book Claims Humans Were Designed For Casual Sex

A new book titled “Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality” seeks to prove the thesis that human biology and evolution was designed to facilitate multiple sexual partners. The author of this book, Christopher Ryan, traces the origins of this work back to his doctoral thesis on the subject. He selected this arena of study during the height of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, and he sought to identify the origins of the urge to sleep around which drives many to take otherwise unthinkable risks. Since the time of Lewinsky, myriad men including Tiger Woods, John Edwards and Elliot Spitzer have borne out this theory, and Ryan asserts that society’s expectation that you should be with one partner for 50 years goes against human nature.

This book documents that adultery has been rampant in every human culture ever studied, and that a man’s inner urge to spread his seed far and wide is as compelling as the urge to eat or breath. The author further claims that evolution has also prompted women to desire to spread their risk and seek genes from multiple men so as to ensure at least one healthy child. The author strives to bifurcate love versus sex — he claims that love is different from lust and that family unit relationships based upon love are preferred. However, he also asserts that occasional random sex outside of the relationship does not indicate any less love for your partner — an argument many guys would be hard pressed to make to their wives. However, if you wanna make a go at that, you can use this book as a reference when trying to convince her it is ok for you to chase an occasional waitress or barrista.

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