Make the Second Left After You Cum

While, in principle, there is never a bad time for sex, discretion dictates that one should refrain from sexual activity during some activities common in everyday life. Examples could include refraining from sex while going to church, abstaining while at a parent-teacher conference, and avoiding sexual activity while driving. Out of all of these example, the latter can prove to be the most dangerous. Nonetheless, a surprising 15% of respondents in a recent international study admitted to engaging in a sexual act while driving a vehicle. 1800 drivers from five countries including the United States were interviewed for this study.

More common was eating while driving — 75% admitted to being guilty to this offense. 28% confessed to texting while driving, and 20% of women do their hair or make-up while driving. The study was conducted by the Danish headset maker Jabra, and it appears their goal was to show that texting or talking on a hand held device was more dangerous than using a headset. Surely they were surprised at the number of us who have the dexterity to have sex while driving which is a phenomenon for which a headset can’t be a substitute.

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