Join the Mile High Club

Airlines reward their most frequent fliers with gold and platinum member status, however, the club most male fliers wish to join is the Mile High Club. This video explores this phenomenon which has taken on almost mythical status with many guys. The combination of sex, logistical challenges and the forbidden nature of having sex on an airplane makes this endeavor one of the most coveted notches in the belts of sex fiends the world over. Seeing that most commercial airliners fly over 30,000 feet in altitude, it is actually the Six Mile High Club — many have had sex a mile high during trips to Denver, Mexico City or other high-altitude cities.

The video provides perspective from former airline workers who have witnessed couples trying to pull off this act while still in the cabin — a feat not easily accomplished. Consequently, many couples attempt to surreptitiously escape to the lavatory for a quick fuck — an environment which is hardly romantic nor sanitary. Movie stars, professional athletes and investment bankers can afford to own or charter their own jet which makes joining this club quite easy, but for the rest of us it proves to be far more of a challenge. However, you still have hope — the video describes a special airline which exists solely to facilitate sex in the air. In a way, this removes much of the illicit appeal of the Mile High Club — but it does get you into the club without having to balance on a dirty metal sink.

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