Commit Adultery And Go To Jail??

In a story sure to send shivers down the spines of cheaters across the country, a Batavia, NY woman is facing a criminal charge for committing adultery. It is widely assumed that adultery is no longer a crime in America — but that assumption is wrong. Many states have old adultery laws on the books, but obviously they are rarely — if ever — enforced. The unlucky defendant in this case is 41 year old Suzanne M. Corona (pictured above), and she is the first person prosecuted for adultery in New York in decades. The charge originated from a rather uncouth casual sex encounter Suzanne decided to have with a 25 year old boytoy in a local park — in full view of several neighborhood parents and children. The cops were so aghast at this brazen act that they decided to pile on the charges on this hapless cougar — and they dusted off the State’s archaic adultery law.

Ms. Corona is now challenging the constitutionality of this law although she has yet to retain an attorney. The judge in the case has given her a few weeks in order to find an attorney, and she has been released on bail during the interim. Suzanne’s husband of over six years, Joseph Corona, fully supports his wife and demands that the charges be dropped. They both admitted that her behavior that day in the park was “inappropriate”, but she swears it was not done in view of any of the local kids. It is doubtful this adultery charge will become commonplace seeing the current economic crisis would preclude putting half of the nation’s population in jail.

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