Australian Hottie Samantha Brett Discusses Casual Sex In America

Australian sex symbol Samantha Brett recently travelled to Hollywood in order to examine the current casual sex craze in America. She gains perspective from several males and females along with experts included the renowned expert on the subject — Dr. Drew. Samantha traces back today’s casual sex epidemic to the advent of the birth control pill, and her thesis is that women are now as prone to have casual sex as men have always been. As for the men, Dr. Drew advises to slow things down just a tad — a little conversation before fucking never hurt anyone.

In terms of advice for the plethora of women today engaging in regular random sex, Dr. Drew advises that women remember that they hold the “keys to the castle”, and he urges females to embark upon a “no casual sex diet”. No doubt, men are sincerely hoping that this diet does not become a fad. A woman’s ability to bifurcate sex and feelings — like a guy can — is discussed in depth. It is suggested that women can only effectively engage in meaningless sex when they have no real compatibility with the guy — if there is compatibility, then women, unlike men, are unable to keep it at the casual level. This video provides a wide range of perspectives on the issue and parts will certainly ring true with those immersed in today’s hook-up culture.

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