Do’s and Don’ts Of A One Night Stand

Consider this a public service announcement, because we hear about way too many encounters where one person wants to keep it casual but ends up in a long term relationship. These are some do’s and don’ts of one night stands that seem obvious enough, but need to be made clear so people don’t forget.

  • DON’T: Make it known you forgot the person’s name. This will just make things awkward and ruin the natural flow of things.
  • DO: Use cute pet names if you forget the real name, including but not limited to “sexy,” “tiger,” “baby,” “hot pants,” or anything equally cheesy so that your cover is not blown. Get creative.
  • DON’T: Exchange contact info. You know you’re not calling so don’t give the wrong idea. Let it stand as what you both know it was.
  • DO: Make a stealth exit with a courteous goodbye on your way out. Preferably while your partner is still asleep.
  • DON’T: Go out for lunch, brunch, coffee, drinks, or any other activity that extends the encounter into the next day.
  • DO: Be sure to use protection. Pregnancy and STD scares do not lend themselves well to a clean break.
  • DON’T: Be the host of this fiesta. Do whatever you can to go back to the other person’s place so your exit strategy is quick and easy.
  • Don’t say we never did anything for you. Do feel free to add your own to the comments below. Let’s blow this thing out.

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