Tips For Stress Free Casual Sex From Pop Waffle

Casual sex is supposed to be fun, carefree and a pleasurable diversion from life’s stresses. However, many who have not mastered the “friends with benefits” relationship status often end up creating the same emotional angst for themselves which they sought to avoid by shunning traditional monogamous relationships. In this amusing — but informative — video by Pop Waffle, an interesting parallel is drawn between FWB relationships and doing work as a temp. Myriad nuggets of wisdom can be gleaned from the video by fans of casual sex from all walks of life.

Pop Waffle starts off by illustrating the importance of those seeking temp work verifying that the position they are applying for is one of a temporary nature. Similarly, those desiring an FWB relationship should clearly ascertain that any potential partner is likewise seeking a temporary arrangement as opposed to something more permanent in nature. Furthermore, don’t assume that anyone hiring you as a “temp” is open to transitioning to a permanent relationship in the future. Another helpful tip for both arenas is never to take a temp job at a place where you’ve held full time employment within the past 90 days.

Also, it is probably wise to keep looking for a full time position — without flaunting it in front of your temp employer. In both temp environments you should have no illusions that you will be treated any differently on your birthday opposed to any other day, and don’t expect a temp boss or FBW partner to bring you chicken soup when you’re sick.

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