College Girl Perspectives On Anal Play

Many claim that the Internet has triggered the decline of journalism, and news is now filled with useless tripe concerning celebrities, scandals and White House party crashers. However, one intrepid journalist is showing that quality and informative news content can still be created — even on the Internet. The above clip provides much needed illumination and detail about the perspectives of recent college girl grads when it comes to taking it up the ass. There is no doubt that this topic is of great importance to many men, and modern norms have now allowed anal play to even enter the realm of casual hook-ups.

The interview above indicates that the newest generation of women are amenable to having anal sex, although it “really hurts” even when high. One claims the pain was so intense that she passed out — possibly indicating a good strategy for guys to deal with girls who never shut up. The subjects of this interview — when asked why they think guys are always asking to put it up their butt — theorized that the answer must relate to the tightness of this particular orifice. She then comes to the epiphany that her ass wasn’t created for cocks to be put up it — an assertion which many men would disagree with. Further insights included the importance of lube and a solution to the intractable political situation in the Middle East.

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2 Responses to “College Girl Perspectives On Anal Play”

  1. Jon
    July 12, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

    Anal sex is so overrated, Although it looks so good on film, those women don’t enjoy that and are only getting paid more to perform that. I have yet to enjoy that successfully, I could only do that knowing that the woman wants that and does enjoy it, I’d probaly cum just getting it in there, But that has to be the greatest thing to here when a woman say, Please Fuck My Ass !

  2. Todd
    July 18, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    I beg to differ with all this negative discussion. My wife. Ex-wife & all prior women have all enjoyed ‘anal-orgasams’ and have enjoyed “doing anal” as a good alternative to just having straight sex. Plus, its just plain fun for the most part! Everyone who is stating they have had a painful experience are in need of some schooling (and a lot of ‘Astroglide’).

    Before anyone reading this article puts off trying anal, read up on the subject first. I’m not going to say anything more than “turn off your facebook, twitter and the like and READ A BOOK” people.

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