Your Genes Might Be Causing You To Drop Your Jeans

Science has now shown that we are not all equally horny. There appears to be a gene responsible for dictating whether we end up as faithful partners in a monogamous relationship — or whether we are driven to fuck everything in sight even when we know it is not the best of ideas. When celebrities and politicians are caught in the myriad cheating scandals which are divulged on almost a daily basis, many ask why they simply couldn’t control themselves. Researchers now believe that many couldn’t help themselves from engaging in these dalliances, and that their genetic make-up made their Tiger-like behavior inevitable. Although some dismiss this as junk science, researchers like Hasse Walum of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has sought to back up this theory with scientific proof.

Dr. Walum crafted a study where he analyzed 552 sets of male twins looking at the hormone vasopressin which is commonly referred to as the “fidelity gene”. His study found that men deficient in this hormone had far less likelihood to be in a monogamous relationship, and these men who were in relationships had a higher propensity to sleep around. He is now preparing to conduct the same study using female subjects. Walum sought to further explain the proclivity to hook-up, and he analyzed vasopressin’s effect upon actual behavior.

He conducted an experiment where he showed men pictures of various women and asked the men to rate them based upon attractiveness. The results were as expected with the best looking women getting the highest scores. Dr. Walum then conducted another study where he did the same thing but indicated that the highest ranked women would be prepared to meet the men. This time around, men with high levels of vasopressin who were already in a relationship ranked the attractive women with lower scores — in an apparent attempt to avoid putting themselves in a scenario where temptation would be present. This “self-defense” mechanism against sleeping around seems to definitely be tied to this hormone. So the next time you’re feeling guilty for hooking up — you can rationalize that you had no choice, it’s just in your blood.

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