You Can Sleep Around And Keep Your Sanity

Good news for fans of casual sex — the University of Minnesota recently released a report which quantified that those who’s last sexual encounter was casual in nature are not more prone to suffer adverse psychological conditions. The study was overseen by Dr. Marla Eisenberg of UM’s medical school, and it looked at a universe of just over 1300 young adults who are sexually active. This group was divided into approximately 575 males and 725 females. This disparity was not explained, but one can assume male researchers preferred to select females in order to query about their sexual dalliances.

Out of the respondents, 55% indicated that their last encounter was with a partner in a serious dating relationship, 25% were last with a spouse or fiance and the remaining 30% last got naked within the context of a casual hook-up. It was no shocker that twice as many males reported that their last fuck was of the random variety as compared to their female counterparts. After reviewing the psychological history of all participants in the study for several years after their sexual habits were quantified, the study was able to definitively show that those prone to engage in casual sex had equal — and in many cases superior — mental health compared to the monogamous subsets. True, STD’s are always a risk — but it now appears that your peace of mind is not put at risk by random sex.

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  1. Sussan
    July 8, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

    This is a great article but we must not forget about the baby boomers many of us enjoy sexual encounters with the NSA and enjoy sex as much as the younger generation…

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