Connecticut AG Blumenthal Does Not Want You To Get Laid Using Craigslist

Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal is continuing his war on Craigslist despite his own storm over lying about his Vietnam War service — or lack thereof. Mr. Blumenthal is currently being lambasted in the press over his past claims that he “wore the uniform proudly in Vietnam”. The truth has emerged that his wartime service consisted of running Toys For Tots campaigns back home during the Vietnam war and he never saw any action — but this hasn’t stopped him from trying to prevent the rest of us from getting some action via Craigslist. Mr. Blumenthal has issued a subpoena to Craigslist in order to help him ascertain whether the Internet giant is doing enough to prevent its members from getting laid.

Blumenthal is actually leading a coalition of 39 States — each obviously with nothing better to do like balance their budgets — seeking to put the kabash on Craigslist’s busy “erotic services” section. Law enforcement party poopers like Blumenthal liken Craigslist to an “online brothel” and are aghast at guys finding local hookers and sluts in addition to be able to unload that old lawnmower or comic book collection. Mr. Blumenthal encapsulates the worst of what America has to offer the rest of the world — a repressed, hypocritical liar. Attorney General Blumenthal is running for Governor of Connecticut and like any good pandering politician he is whoring himself out on behalf of the Puritan class in American society. Girls selling their ass on Craigslist are providing a useful and honest service — much more than Mr. Blumenthal can claim.

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