Let Your Dirty Old Man Flag Fly

It used to be that the term “sugardaddy’ came along with all sorts of negative connotations. The recent emergence of a plethora of sugardaddy websites seems to indicate that is no longer the case. Sites like Sugardaddie.com, SeekingArrangement.com and SugarDaddyForMe.com are seeking to capitalize on the legions of wealthy older men looking to hook-up with the hordes of young women desiring to become semi-hookers. Finding wholesome, gorgeous, intelligent, nice girls online who are willing to suck your dick for cash is not an easy task. Weeding through scammers, liars and would be car-bombers on Craigslist is tedious, and other “hook-up” sites are notorious for leading users to fatties, whackos and various polysyllabic STD’s.

An increasingly attractive option for investment bankers, professional athletes and Russian oligarchs with spare cash burning a hole in their pockets is to procure a few sugarbabies via one of the aforementioned sites. Travel to the West Coast often? Then $7500 a month will get you a hot USC sorority girl on standby for your post-meeting entertainment. If you’re bored on frequent business trips to Omaha — then that cute hostess at the Cheesecake Factory very well may be advertising her wares in return for her reasonable monthly rent and payment on her 2008 Kia. Wanna celebrate that seven figure bonus earned for fleecing your counterparties with indecipherable CDO transactions? A pair of bisexual party-girl roommates at Arizona State could be yours. Women can join in the fun as well — most of these sites have sections for cougars in search of a new boytoy.

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