Heavy Traffic On The Hershey Highway

It appears that unprecedented numbers of women are now willing to take it up the ass — and the New York City Department of Health does not approve. According to recently released statistics, more than 100,000 women in NYC alone have anal sex at least once a year. Although most men would surely view this as a positive development, there are some concerning consequences emanating from the opening of these previously closed orifices.

Whereas gay men now use a condom 61% of the time during anal sex, only 23% of women insist a condom be deployed before rolling over onto all fours. Researchers theorize that the main motivator among females for condom use is pregnancy prevention — obviously not an issue when it comes to buttsecks. If they were aware that the odds of contracting HIV increases by a factor of 30X during unprotected anal sex, then this behavior could change. However, experts fear that behavioral changes might come too late to avoid a serious flare-up of HIV transmissions.

The problem is further compounded by the unwillingness of women who have unprotected anal sex to get tested. 63% of women who insist upon condom use consequent to anal sex get tested regularly, but only 35% of women who prefer bareback get at least annual HIV tests. There appears to be a generational component of this phenomenon — women who are 18-24 are six times more likely to engage in unprotected anal sex than women in the 25-40 demographic. Consequently, HIV is being transmitted at an alarming rate among these reckless young women. This begs the question — where can one find a nice old fashioned girl who only has Gonorrhea?

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