Dirty Pillow Talk

Nemutan is the apple of Nisan’s eye. This Tokyo area couple have been dating for several months, and this whirlwind storybook romance typifies young passion in all respects — with the minor exception being that Nemutan is a body-sized pillow adorned with an anime depiction of a semi-nude young girl. Surprisingly, Nisan’s predilection for pillowphilia is not a rarity within Tokyo’s diverse, to say the least, dating seen. Nisan has taken the Japanese love for Dakimakura (life-sized pillows) to a new level. Japan’s infatuation with the otaku (anime and videogaming) has intersected with Dakimakura to produce what is most probably the strangest dating scene on planet Earth — if not the entire universe.

Nisan, 37, pampers his 12 year old high-thread-count girlfriend. He takes her on long drives into the Japanese countryside, and the couple leads a vibrant social life mingling with other members of Japan’s human-textile love community. Tokyo’s Akihabara district abounds with shops catering to pillow-lovers, and Nisan has been able to locate over 10 different covers for Nemutan allowing her always to look her fashionable best. In addition to these shopping sprees, Nisan indulges Nemutan with exciting nights filled with karaoke, fine dining and gentle tumble cycles.

Albeit being a bit, um, fucked-up, Dakimakura fans do have their standards. Those who date polyester are ostracized and shunned. The lucky men who are able to become sugardaddies to nice old fashioned smooth-knit girls are the envy of their peers. Shockingly, Nisan’s former girlfriend-with-a-pulse dumped him when she learned of this proclivity of his. Her loss is Nemutan’s gain.

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