Casual Sex Fridays?

Talk about recharging your batteries at work. I think we’ve found the solution to low productivity in the office. Jimmy Kimmel gives us a great piece hear that reminds us why he has the best late night talk show (especially now that Conan is off the air). He gets enough leeway, has an edgy sense of humor, and knows what his audience wants. What they want is casual sex.

Although the idea is a joke, it would be an interesting concept if you think about it? How many offices are full of sexual tension that never gets released? Doesn’t that actually get in the way, and wouldn’t acting on it loosen things up and let people focus more? I know it sounds silly, but it goes back to the issue of why so many workplaces frown on or even forbid relationships between coworkers.

Sure, there are times when feelings get hurt and it can have a lasting effect on the office. However, there are plenty of situations where these strict rules make the work environment more difficult as well. Think Jim & Pam in The Office before they got together.

With fewer rules on sex between coworkers, workplaces would catch up to modern times and allow employees to maintain a high morale. At the very least, give us one day a week as Jimmy Kimmel suggests here. It sure as hell beats a Hawaiian shirt and jeans!

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