Study: Casual Sex On The Rise

File this one under nice work, Captain Obvious. A new study by a University of Iowa sociologist found that it is likely for people in sexual relationships to have multiple partners these days. Professor Anthony Paik surveyed 783 heterosexuals between the ages of 18 and 60 to find out about their sexual partners and there were some interesting results. The study was published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Of women, 17% responded that they had been monogamous to their last partner but the partner hadn’t been. 8% of men answered that question the same way. Concerning situations where neither partner was monogamous, 12% of women and 10% of men said this was the case for their last sexual relationship.

Things got interesting on the question of whether being involved with a friend or stranger makes it more likely to have multiple partners. The study said that being involved with a friend makes a woman 44% more likely to have multiple partners, but only makes a man 25% more likely. On the other hand, being involved with a stranger made men 43% percent more likely to have more partners, but only 30% of women answered the same way. It was basically the opposite, meaning women feel more comfortable having multiple partners if one of those is a friend, while men will look to have multiple partners when involved with strangers.

While anyone paying attention to pop culture for the past few years could tell you that casual sex has been increasing, it is cool to say actual proof of it in the form of this study. Also the insight on the differences in men and women’s approach to the subject brings some understanding to how each of the sexes looks at hooking up with more than one person at once.

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