Polyamory – It’s very complicated.

The polyamory lifestyle is nowhere near as sexy as I thought it would be. As the Boston Globe details in their long article, there’s plenty of normal well-respected, not spectacularly good-looking people who practice it. There’s more than just a few too–there are hundreds in just that town, so over the entire country there must be, like, thousands!

Casual Encounters wishes the previously-underground lifestylers out into the open and hopes for further erosion of the tyrannical ‘monogamy is right’ meme.

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5 Responses to “Polyamory – It’s very complicated.”

  1. Austria
    January 12, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    Well, I’m not surprised about this. Enjoy life, screw everyone then die. Life’s a bitch!

  2. Selina Plohr
    March 15, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    Would you kindly translate your site into Italian as I’m not that comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a little WP plugin called like global translator which will translate all your articles automatically- that would make reading articleson your great blog even more enjoyable. Cheers dude, Selina Plohr!

  3. Baylink
    March 18, 2010 at 2:18 pm #


    Yeah; ‘screwing everyone’ has little to nothing to do with polyamory, just as it has little to do with any other form of committed relationship or marriage.

    Perhaps (the entire country of) ‘Austria’ ought to *read* the long Boston Glob article before shooting off it’s mouth.

  4. Daniel Paul Young Hitler
    April 4, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    He makes a very Valid Argument at the end.
    I only intend on haveing one sexual partner, but it is up to Josh if he wants to have other relationships before and after I date him dureing the day or be it even the next night time.
    I just want to say, that I am a Son of David, and I just thought that I would let everyone know, that Britain is a breeding ground for the Kings And Queens and Princess and Princesses of the country, and it always has been.
    The whole point of laying down chalk and soil was to extend our Fammaly out into Europe.
    This may have been after the Monarchy came back to England, which when 2000 years ago wear the middle of Britain was under water.

    You can see this buy looking at the white hairs of Greenland, and the black hairs of Denmark, such as Josh, and my Uncle Adam.
    I myself, I am middle English.
    This means that thear was a good possibility that I could have been Ginger, as my Father is a Yellow hair and my Mother is a Black hair.
    At one point during my very earley childhood, I very nearley was Ginger, if not completeley Ginger.
    I was 2 or Three at the time.
    But instead, I have turned out brown, with thick brown curley hair.
    I might also add, I am very tall and slim, and I have extreamly young looking skin.
    Some parts of my skin look and feel as Young as aa three yearolds.
    The vast majority of my skin, is looks and feels as young as a 15 year olds.
    I have the face of a 17/18 year old.

    I could be described as being part of Hitlers Orien race, but they are actually all liveing in America.
    I am actually more advanced than my much shorta, fatter cousions, who mostly if not all, have black hair.
    Josh, does have black hair, but he is Tall and slim like me, with very young looking skin, and within which, also feels very young.
    I take back everything that I said to him that night about ”getting tanned”
    and ” getting bulked up”
    I like it that way, just the way he is.
    I only said those things to him as I felt very manly whilst I lay in bed with him, and I also said those things to him as I was worried, that he would think that I was some kind of teenage pervert if I showed affection to his shaggerble fore arms.
    Joshua is 19 by the way, but he has the body of a 13 year old, and the fore arms of a 14 year old.
    I do find his body to young for me, but I could eat his fore arms alive.
    I think that if Joshua got a tan on his body, he would be very shagerble, not that he can’t make love to me already, just that I would actually rip my penis into his body if he wear to get a bodily tan.
    I would have my penis riped in half, if this tan matched the tan of his fore arms and hands.
    I wish he would move out of that student accomodation, as it is that, which is causeing the whiteness of his body.
    Or at least, let me spend money on getting his accomodation modernised and referbished.
    I could think of 700 things I could have done to that place.
    I would start of with a fence to keep the conservatives out for a start.
    Oh, and he does need hydrogen daylight bulbs in that place.
    So what if 70wat bulbs get the thinking part of his brain working.
    That boy needs a tan !!!!
    I wonder if he has started recapping on Denmark yet,
    He must be able to remember whatching the cartoon episodes as a child.
    I wish I could watch them again. The Government has left the episodes of the Kings of Denmark straight of, and just left us to learn along the way.
    Joshua isn’t learning whear he is, he is just simply recapping what he has done over the centuaries.
    What I mean by the last is, what his great Grandfather did, and his Great Grandfather did.
    ( You don’t need to be a biologist to understand the pregnacy picture in ‘Did You Know’ )
    Bottom line is, that I want Josh now.
    And sooner or lator I am going to get him.
    And in the name of David, I might be half a common peasant, but I am a Diplomat, and I am also the King of Saturn.
    Oh and by the way, I AM GOING TO MAKE JOSH MY QUENN !!!!
    And advise my Uncle Adam, that he crowns himself King of Europa as soon as possible.
    And yes, that is Europa, as in the Country Europe.
    Just before and King of a country in Europe declairs a battle with him.
    And can I just say quickly, that we are to use insects if any other barons or Kings want to battle me once we get to Saturn in 70 years.
    Love, – Danny Danielx.

  5. Daniel Paul Young
    April 4, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Oh Autria, by the way, if we all agree to have a one child policy, the NHS will abolish mortality.

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