No Work for World’s Largest Penis

Read on for the tearjerking tale of the man with the world largest penis, Jonah Falcon, who has discovered that simply being in possession of his perhaps-enviable womb-crushing pants behemoth isn’t enough to make him happy. Or rich. Or, well (in my opinion) interesting.

More information over here.

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2 Responses to “No Work for World’s Largest Penis”

  1. salma
    January 4, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    That’s Sad. It just proves to show, that you really cant have it all.

  2. Daniel Paul Young Hitler
    March 28, 2010 at 4:18 am #

    You can actually have a teenth of it, but my second name is by birth certificate, Young, with a Paul before it.
    So natuarally, I am not really built for reproduceing with a Female.
    Instead, I am built for regeneration perposes.
    If anyone who is reading this and is ”straight”
    I sujest that in order for you to regenerate, that you get the fecate of a man that you really like, and who is older than you, and liveing the same as you and has the same diet, and every night you should erect yourself within the facet as you goto sleep.
    Fortunatley, I am gay, thear for I have a very good regenerateor waiting for me.
    No, not charley, althoug I wouldn’t mind for him to regenerate himself within me, but that of a man who goes by the name of Mr.J.P.Slaughter,
    He is not only compatible with my regeneration, but also it is a two way compatibility.
    Thus, me and him in the future, will look about twenty three, twenty four, for the rest of our lives.
    And the good thing is, that we could live really unhealtherley, thus inproveing our chances of liveing for ever.
    That is as in fact, within 700 years in which of that I will move to Saturnalius, I will live for at least a thousand years, if not 2000 to 3000 or be it that even 4000 years.
    Should my beutiful Joshua dye before this period, I am going to grow his brain within a Tariser, so I will be able to forever have snugle time with him.

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