Sexual positions for the lonely and loveless

Spice up your lonely masturbatory adventures with these amusing and potentially helpful suggestions from some guy, somewhere.

Click through on the image for the full-size version.


Casual Encounters Blog absolves itself of any responsibility for injuries incurred in the attempted imitation of any of these positions (especially the “Sylvia Plath”.)

Stay safe!

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3 Responses to “Sexual positions for the lonely and loveless”

  1. Daniel Paul Edward Tyson-Young
    February 24, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    Thease depictions made my mouth water.

  2. Shane
    April 3, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    I mean I am NOT about to say I never satisfied myself, FOR I COULD, BUT that would be a BOLDFACED LIE, for NEARLY ALL MEN, WOMEN, or PEOPLE PERIOD have done so at LEAST ONE time in their life. I have seriously been physically intimate with the SAME woman, whom by the way saved me from the CHASTITY DESERT, at 17, which was not really my first sexual encounter, for I had spent a good portion of my youth satisfiing women if only ORALLY so. Then at 17, in an Ann Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman “Graduate” type encounter, was “with” a divorcee whom was left with the same last name as I. (her ex) After making certain that was NOT her MAIDEN NAME, we spent a couple weekends at my father’s luxury condominium in Naperville IL. Anyway that was my first, then again with the SAME woman. Then I was ever so Viciously Sexually ASSAULTED with the INTENT of causing my IRREPAIRABLE IMPOTENCE. I have been told eventually that I WILL BE FINE, but eventhough H.S. RUMOR may have said otherwise, I spent ONE weekend with this woman. I have been chaste by said assault, or my intentional genital injury ever since. I wait ever so IMPATIENTLY to heal, so that I may function as a MAN again. When I do partake again, I NEED a WOMAN whom can SPEND a little TIME, reintroducing me to the splendours of INTIMATE LOVE. – SHANE BECKER, now from LOCKPORT IL 60441. My Personal Cell. (tracfone) is :
    1 (815) 685 – 0431. PLEASE HELP ME! CHASTITY, or VIRGINITY Round Two, is most certainly NOT for those as WEAKLY constitued as I. MY PROVIDING YOU with ORAL SEX is a MUST, MUST, MUST, reciprocation IS AS ALWAYS, completely at your behest, or YOUR OPTION. Sexual INTERCOURSE would be as well. – SHANE BECKER – Now EVEN MORESO SOUTHWEST from LOCKPORT IL, again at 1 (815) 685 – 0431 Cellular Trac Phone. -SHANE BECKER-
    1 (815) 685 – 0431. It is my hope we can arrange an encounter, romantic liason, sexual tryst, or something. 1 (815) 685 – 0431 – SHANE BECKER – Chastity was okay I suppose, when I was TWO, but henceforth it is surely not for those as feeble, or WEAKLY SEXUALLY CONSTITUTED as I – SHANE BECKER – 1 (815) 685 – 0431. THIS, AS ALWAYS IS ONLY IF YOU SHOULD SO WISH IT. ONCE Again 1 (815) 685 – 0431 Hope to hear from you,
    Mr. Michael SHANE Becker


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