Interview with Mom from “I bang the worst dudes (Sorry, Mom)”

Unless you’ve really been living under an e-rock you’ll have heard of I bang the worst dudes (Sorry, Mom); a popular forum for remorseful women to bewail their horrendous hookup decisions and post unflattering and only partially-obscured photos of their lamentable lays, accompanied by cringe-inducing (if frequently hilarious) justifications for their lapses of judgment. I check it out most days, but realized recently that I know next to nothing about the mysterious author of the site, an enigmatic individual known only to her supplicants as “Mom”.

In hope of satisfying my own curiosity, I conducted the following interview. Alas, Mom turned out to be a more elusive quarry than I feared, though a more engaging and jocular one, too…

Hi Mom. I was going to start by saying that I read and comment on your blog nearly every day, and yet I know next to nothing about you as a person other than that you live in NY. Are there any details of your life and history outside your website that you feel comfortable sharing? Do you think it helps or hurts your blog that you don’t reveal much about yourself to your readers?

That and what is included in my about page is about all I’ll divulge comfortably. Most people where I live know who I am at this point, and I’ve had to face the obstacle of trying to date guys when they know I run the site – I think they imagine I have banged a lot more of the worst dudes in question than I really have, so it makes for some pretty awkward conversations pretty early on, but if I wasn’t comfortable with my history I guess I would’ve never started the site in the first place. I think it helps to have “mom” as this sort of non-specific person behind the curtain. Or so I’d like to think.

I notice that there are a quite a few entries where the dude in question is a member of a well-known band—do you know why that is? Are there a lot of groupies out there who are secretly minions?

It’s because band dudes are fucking scummers, duh! And I know a lot of people who work in the music industry, so the site made the rounds in that milieu pretty quickly.

Do you have much trouble getting submissions? Why do you think your site is so popular? What about it do you think has made it successful?

The submissions have really slowed down lately because I think some of the initial excitement of the site has passed, but I think the site is popular because people love reading about other people’s misery. It’s the whole car accident/onlooker effect – you don’t want to read but you can’t help yourself.

Your bio says the following: “Mom loves bearded men, Texas, bad tattoos, beanies year-round, cheap champagne, cross stitching and crystal clusters.” Is that just a joke reference to the kind of guys that seem to dominate your site, or are some (all?) of them FOR REALS?

Well I had a pretty well-known beard/flannel/beanie fetish for a loooong time and the rest is all true, god damnit! I wouldn’t lie to you, baby.

Any favorite or particularly memorable posts?

Oh god, I put some together for a book proposal once. I love the gruesome pee/poop/vom stories because I am 8 yrs old, mentally and the ones where the girls really put forth efforts to be funny/witty. The diaper one was pretty awesome, way early on. And I like my posts, of course, but I will never tell which ones are mine.

What are your future hopes/plans for the blog? Anything else you’d like to add or mention in closing?

I had two book offers that fell through (because of the pictures issue, umph) so I’m supposed to get started on a novel/short story format for the stories that started the site. We’ll see if it ever actually happens though. Anything else? Be careful out there kiddies!

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5 Responses to “Interview with Mom from “I bang the worst dudes (Sorry, Mom)””

  1. Lance
    July 12, 2009 at 9:34 pm #

    Be careful kiddies. I will, mom!

  2. Grinder
    July 13, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

    Dudes are fucking scummers! Not only that, they suck bigtime! I salute you mom!

  3. Daniel Paul Edward Tyson-Young
    March 7, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    Oh, My, GOD !!!!
    Well put my dear Jish Wash ! x


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