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  1. SK
    April 25, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    I have been on the site – from what I understand, Hustler took over the site a while back and it has changed considerably. Men complain that all the women are “American models” stranded in some far off country, without money, passport yada yada. Would they continue this if there were a few suckers that fell for it and Western Unioned some cash so they could be in blissful harmony together?

    Admittedly, I *am* a submissive. Not a doormat. Challenge is men think because a woman is comfortable with her sexuality, that she must be easy. (Boy are they wrong!) I think I may have met… maybe five men on the site. Three were totally unforgettable. One was so-so. The last was a sociopath. There are other sites that are marginally better.

    If you want feedback from a female perspective, happy to share.

    And I’m in the heart of the Bible belt. Pray for me!

  2. Mr. Michael Shane Becker
    November 13, 2009 at 5:49 pm #

    I was assaulted, and although I tend NOT to adhere to madman German chancellor Adolph Hilter’s Racist views, in which he renamed Persia, from whence we get the Persian Gulf, IRAN, or “Land of the Aryans” in 1935. I know this because I have done ALOT of research into my family name’s origins, and Genetic History, all the way back to the origin of life in a hyrothermal vent system, or “Charles Robert Darwin’s Warm Pond Theory”. Okay I forwent furthering my education, for I figured I might somehow make a living for myself further south in Romeoville, now Lockport. I very well should have stayed in Naperville. Hopefully, I will make it back there, preferably sooner rather than later. I now live south in Lockport IL, longing for the day I might return to Naperville. – Mike Becker, originally RHS class of 1991, but due to a DUI (alcohol) at 17 in the summer betwixt my Jr. and Sr. Years, I failed to graduate until the latest I could’ve 1993. Then attemded an English 101 Class, Mr. Robert Blazek, at the College of Dupage’s Naperville Campus. (on Rickert Drive, off of 75th St.)I finished with a B+. – Mr. Michael Shane Becker -Born- Dec.29, 1972 of the Cenozoic geological Era, or c.e.

  3. Lois Primm
    January 13, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

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