How to Find Sex: the Art of the One Night Stand – Part 12 “Her Body”

Lyla Marsh, Author and Sexpert

Lyla Marsh, Author and Sexpert

After meeting, talking, flirting, and kissing, you’re ready to take her to bed. You know what you want and what you enjoy, but just like attracting her, you want to know what she likes in bed. You want a bit of knowledge to ensure she has a good time. So here, all laid out for you, is the information you need to drive her crazy and have her coming back for more.

Women usually take longer to feel aroused than men, and the speed and intensity of her orgasm will depend on both physical and psychological stimulation. That’s why you will have to do more than have the right touch. You need to stimulate all her senses, as we shall see from this book.

Before we start on the specifics, however, you need to know a bit about where her pleasure points are, so you can use them when the time comes.

Her body

Here’s a quick anatomy lesson. When a woman parts her legs, the first thing you see is the vulva – the external lips of the vagina which are covered by pubic hair. Between the lips is the labia, a fold of skin which involves nerve endings, oil and sweat glands, and fatty tissue.

Because every female is different, the shape of the labia varies greatly. Sometimes it’s smooth, sometimes it has many folds, or the two sides can be uneven. The color varies depending on the woman and her level of sexual arousal.

The clitoris is located just below the point where the two lips meet, and is covered by the labia. It’s incredibly sensitive, and the sole reason for its existence is to receive sexual pleasure.

Slightly below the clitoris is the urinary opening. Occasionally, during an orgasm, a woman may ejaculate some fluid from this opening. The fluid is similar in appearance to sperm, but is less thick. Like sperm, the color varies and depends on diet, exercise, the time in her cycle and general health.

The entrance to the vagina is below the urinary opening and is a tube about three to four inches long and is incredibly flexible. When she’s aroused, her vagina will produce a fluid that allows your penis to slide in smoothly.

When you get the chance, study what she looks like between her legs, maybe when you’re going down on her. Seeing what she looks like will make you feel more in control about how she works, and less like you’re literally fumbling around in the dark.

This is all the information you need for now. Women often complain of men rubbing them raw, so hopefully this gives you an idea of where her sensitive bits are. Next we’ll look at how to treat them!


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