How to Find Sex: the Art of the One Night Stand – Part 5 “Attracting Through Body Language”

Lyla Marsh, Author and Sexpert

Lyla Marsh, Author and Sexpert

So you’ve found a few places to hang out and you’ve seen some hot women. Today there’s one you really like. She’s sitting alone, ready for you to make your move. So what do you do now? In the next two parts of this series I’ll talk you through approaching her and making her a sure thing. Here you will read about the seduction techniques that will have her wanting you as much as you want her.

Through the next few chapters I will mention flirting. Flirting is the initial interaction between a man and a woman when there is some chemistry involved. It’s a time to convey interest in each other, and it’s a time for her to imagine what you’d be like in bed or in a relationship. Think of it as a kind of playing with each other. Flirting is both vocal and physical, starting with body language, hers and yours.

As I said, before a word is spoken you can do a lot of the work through body language.

Here’s what to do:

1) Initial Signals
A lot of men don’t pay attention to body language, which is a shame as body language plays a far greater part in communication than speech and most of it is initiated by women. Studying body language will make you much more attuned to whether a woman likes you or not, or if she wants you in bed.

When you’re out for the night, there will usually be women whose goal is the same as yours: to have sex. She’ll be scanning the room to check out all the guys. So make eye contact with that beautiful woman, casually at first as your eyes pass her to scan the rest of the room. Then a few seconds later, look back at her. Hold her gaze for a second and smile. Always smile! This tells her you like her. If she holds your stare for longer than necessary, and even smiles back, this is a sign that there is chemistry in the air.

Other signs that she is interested are: stroking her hair, crossing her legs in your direction, wetting her lips, caressing a part of her body, thrusting her chest forwards, moving her hips as she walks away, or adjusting her clothes. Study her body language, but remember not to stare overtly – it’s rude and very disconcerting.

It’s also possible that a woman will have negative body language. Be careful of crossed arms, which communicate defensiveness. Bored or angry people usually have their arms crossed. However, negative body language isn’t necessarily directed at you, she may be shy or uncomfortable with those around her. If you still want to try talking to her, give it a shot.

With this kind of communication across a crowded room, you can get her signal to approach.

2) During your conversation
You don’t really need to worry about your own body language as it’s an instinctive thing that will take care of itself. If you’re attracted to a woman your body will communicate that attraction! A few things, though: don’t slouch, your body should be relaxed but not lazy, and don’t leer. Some men enjoy talking to breasts but it’s a bit of a turn-off for the owner.

Remember that her body language may change during the conversation, this is normal as her emotions will fluctuate. If the conversation’s going well, she will almost definitely start touching you occasionally. This is a natural instinct with women as they bond with someone. With touching, always let her initiate this. You don’t want to scare her off.

If you can spend a bit of time studying other people’s body language you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd and able to anticipate her feelings and what she wants to hear. Body language is a wonderful thing because it can give you the signal to continue or the signal to stop.

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